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Experiencing History with You

An inspired group of history makers founded The Buffalo History Museum, then called the Buffalo Historical Society, in 1862. They assembled a unique collection of regional paintings, photographs, artifacts, and manuscripts to share with researchers and the public.

To accommodate the organization’s rapid growth, more space was needed.

Following the enlarged space from the acquisition of the New York State Building from the 1901 Pan-American Exposition, the Museum’s mission expanded and exhibitions emerged as a priority.

From handwritten business ledgers to innovations marking industries, from folders of neighborhood photos to complete soldiers’ footlockers, by 1950 the Museum cataloged and safeguarded a vast array of treasures. Westward expansion, entertainment industrialization, immigration, transportation, presidents, military and social history are reflected in our collections and tie us to our nation’s story.

In 1960, our name expanded to become the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society. In 2012, we shortened it to The Buffalo History Museum, as a reflection of the institution as The premier historical institution and resource for Buffalo.


Experiencing history with you, by remembering, discovering, and sharing our stories; sparking emotional and social connections within our unique community.

  • Be the leading cultural and educational institution for the study, interpretation and publication of Western New York history.
  • Ensure and advocate for the preservation, exploration, and enjoyment of our historic treasures.
    By inspiring personal connections to our regional stories, strengthen the fabric of the community and encourage respect.
  •  Be a hub for gathering, socializing, connecting, and engaging – specifically a welcoming place that establishes and expands networks and creates shared experiences.
  • Build sustainable financial capital and hire, develop and retain talent.
  • Through our past, present and future, foster connections with our shared history and contribute to the region’s overall quality of life.
  • Engage our supporters as goodwill ambassadors for the Museum and for Western New York.

Work together, valuing others perspectives and contributions, and allow new and creative ideas and possibilities to arise.


Listen actively; be open, honest and mindful in our communication.


In our operations and outreach, we prioritize inclusivity and access.


Exude enthusiasm and energy in our work, ensuring that all people feel welcome and have opportunities for participation.


Continuously grow and improve through our implementation of personal and professional best practices and our investment in our people, programs and resources.


Demonstrate the highest level of ethics, authenticity, credibility and transparency in our interactions with all people.


Passionately keep and share our community’s stories.


Meet or exceed our responsibilities as a regional museum and non-profit organization.

About our National Historic Landmark Building

Buffalo architect George Cary designed the New York State Building for the 1901 Pan American Exposition. It is the only structure that was intended to remain from the exposition. The building was dedicated to the then Buffalo Historical Society on August 6, 1901 to serve as a home to the Society.

The majority of the Museum’s exhibitions, programs, and special events are held in this Pan Am Building.

Museum Board & Executive Director

We share a passion for the past. We enjoy the contagious enthusiasm inspired by museum visits and conjured by the collection. We are grateful that the community’s stories – ordinary and extraordinary – have been entrusted to us. For this opportunity, we thank the community, and we remain committed to upholding that trust.

Melissa Brown

Executive Director

Melissa joined The Buffalo History Museum in 1998. Her initial focus was researching and processing the Pan American Exposition Collection in preparation for the 2001 Centennial. She was appointed Director of Research & Interpretation in 2009, and she became the Museum’s 11th Executive Director in 2011.

Board of Managers

The Buffalo History Museum’s Board of Managers is comprised of individuals of varying professional backgrounds dedicated to supporting our mission with their passion, expertise, and assistance.

Greg D. Tranter, President; Brian Dempsey, Treasurer; Anne Conable, Secretary; Bill O’Donnell, Vice President; Mark L. Martin, Vice President; Mark Taylor, Vice President; Cassie Irish, Vice President; Lisa Marie Aselmi, Ph.D.; Gaile Amigone; Kevin Brady; Joan M. Bukowski; Noel Emerling; Karna Holmes; Dr. Bharat Kohli; Barbara Seals Nevergold; Jennifer Liber Raines; Alexander Schimert; Nicole Tzetzo; Rachel Weissfeld; Honorable Penny Wolfgang.