The Alumni of Canisius High School Present Inside Tim Russert’s Office: If it’s Sunday, it’s “Meet the Press"

The contents of the office of the late NBC newsman Tim Russert moved to his hometown of Buffalo, New York with an added a “Buffalo connection” piece to the exhibit from the original Newseum display in Washington, D.C. The office recreation includes items such as Russert’s “Thou Shalt Not Whine” sign, numerous books, papers, and framed photos.

Russert’s story spans tumultuous events in our national history- from his forecasting the contested 2000 presidential election on a white board (Florida! Florida! Florida!) to his poignant and moving program on the Sunday after 9/11. During his 17 years as moderator of “Meet the Press,” Russert’s global audience grew familiar with his affection for his hometown.